Say Sorry Like You Mean It - Gift Tokens App
The GiftToken app - It only takes a moment to send a quick thank you. Just open the app, choose the gift token, and send a personalized note. They’ll receive the gift via email or SMS text message and can redeem it just like any gift card.
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Say Sorry Like You Mean It


Picture this: You’re a hardworking professional-type who works with 200 other humans inside a medium-sized office space in Corporate America. More often than not, you and these other humans can be found arguing over the inadequate number of conference rooms that are available to host the countless meetings you have about the need for more meetings. In fact, it’s usually an all-out war just to secure 30 minutes in one of these “quiet” spaces – but today is a different kind of day.

Today you are prepped and ready to sit in a conference room that you booked weeks ago. There’s no question as to whether this single, solitary hours’ worth of time in that space is yours – and you’re feelin’ pretty good.


Feeling Great At The Office


Then the five-minute warning pops up on your computer screen. It’s time to attend the meeting! You gather your things, stand up from your desk and make your way towards the conference space when your heart sinks into your stomach. Janice, a project manager, is still on a call. She looks at you dead in the eyes, shrugs her shoulders and mouths “I’m sorry – this is going to run long; I’m on with the client!”


You head back to your desk, enraged.


Not Feeling So Great At The Office


Clearly Janice has no idea that this meeting has been on the calendar FOR WEEKS. You’re stewing in anger, when suddenly, your phone lights up. It’s a text-message from Janice.


Text Message From Janice Asking Forgiveness


What’s this? Janice just sent you a digital gift-card to Sephora using the Gift Tokens app? Heck yes she did! Suddenly, your rage turns into excitement – lifting you up from your desk and back towards the conference room. You hold up your phone, look at Janice and mouth “OMG it’s no big deal – thank you so much!”


Celebrating At The Office


And Gift Tokens saves the day!



Be sure to download the Gift Tokens app and share your experiences with us for multiple chances to win! The contest ends on March 31, 2017. Happy Gifting!