The GiftToken App - Tell Your Coach That You Appreciate Their Support
Take a moment to show your soccer, football, or basketball coach just how much they mean to you. Send them a gift via the GiftToken app and make their day.
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Show Your Coach You Appreciate Them

About This Project


When I joined my first competitive soccer league, everyone could see I was struggling. I came from rec leagues, so I was nowhere near as experienced as these other guys. Coach stayed after practice to help me work on my foot skills and drove me home. He bought me leg weights to improve my leg strength.


Above that, he gave me the confidence I needed to stick with the sport. He saw the talent in me that I had doubted; that’s what has stuck with me the most over the years.


I wanted to tell him how grateful I was for everything he’s done for me, but every card I found was too cheesy — they didn’t sound like me.


A friend told me about this app that lets you send a gift over text. When I looked up Gift Tokens, I realized you can do a lot more that. I was able to wrap a Red Robin gourmet burger gift token with our team logo and write a personalized thank you note to send with it. Couldn’t have been easier, and I got to say exactly what I wanted to.