Support Your College Student - Gift Tokens App
Take a moment to show your college student just how proud you are of their accomplishments. Send them a gift via the GiftToken app and make their day.
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Support Your College Student

  • Give your college student a little support by sending them a personalized digital gift card using the Gift Tokens app
About This Project


I am so proud of my son, Jaden. He just finished his first semester of college at his top-choice school. He’s always been a smart boy, but he struggled in his physics class. I knew he was extra nervous about the final. This exam would determine his grade for the entire course!


As a mother, it’s difficult to be away from him and not be able to help him (or hug him) in these moments. I gave him a pep talk over the phone the night before: “You’ve worked hard. You’ve studied. Just do your best.” He texted me immediately after the test — he aced it! To tell him congrats, I sent him a large Papa John’s pizza gift token. He loved the surprise and the break from PB&J sandwiches (though, I think he was more surprised I knew how to use the Gift Tokens app).


It was easy and made the distance seem shorter. I was able to give him a personalized, tangible gift, like if he were at home, instead of just transferring him money. I have a feeling I’ll be sending him a celebratory Chipotle burrito next semester (and maybe a treat or two along the way).