The GiftToken App - Tell Your Pet Sitter That You Appreciate Them
The GiftToken app - It only takes a moment to send a quick thank you. Just open the app, choose the gift token, and send a personalized note. They’ll receive the gift via email or SMS text message and can redeem it just like any gift card.
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Thank Your Pet Sitter

  • Tell your pet sitter thank you with a personalized digital gift card using the GiftTokens app
About This Project


Our five-month-old German Shepard puppies, Jude and Leon, are a handful. They never run out of energy, slobbery kisses or things to chew on … like my shoes. Still, my husband and I just adore them!


Before we adopted Jude and Leon, we had been planning a weekend getaway: three days of freedom from work and all of our other responsibilities. We finally found the time but were nervous about boarding our babies, so our good friend, Aimee, offered to watch them.


With the Gift Tokens app, we sent her a cocktail from her favorite steakhouse, Saltgrass, with a picture of Jude and Leon and a “thank you for taking care of us.” She got a good laugh and said she’d watch them again anytime!