Thank A Friend - Gift Tokens App
Take a moment to show that close friend just how much they mean to you. Send them a gift via the GiftToken app and make their day.
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Thank A Friend

About This Project


A few weeks ago, I expressed on Facebook that I was having a really hard week after losing a close friend. I moved out of state about 4 years ago so I’m not close to friends or family and was having a hard time coping. My friends were texting me offering their condolences, but after a while, the texts simply served as a reminder of the pain I was going through.


Towards the end of that week, I received a text that completely changed my mood. I woke up from a nap hungry, upset and exhausted and there was a text waiting for me from my friend Regan from back in St. Louis. I opened it thinking it was a simple text offering condolences, but what I found was so much more. She sent me a message saying she was sorry for what I was going through and since she couldn’t be in Washington to take me to Chipotle, that she was sending me a burrito instead. It instantly brought me to tears. I was hungry and upset and she knew exactly what would make me feel better and made it happen from 1500 miles away.


I have yet to find appropriate words to express how thankful I was to receive the Gift Token™ from Regan. After I looked into the app, I noticed that it’s so simple to use and I downloaded it because I want to make someone’s day the way she made mine.


Seriously- if you can so simply make someone’s day or week, why wouldn’t you?