Thank Your Babysitter - Gift Tokens App
Take a moment to tell your babysitter just how much you appreciate the attention they give your child. Send them a gift via the GiftToken app and make their day.
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Thank Your Babysitter

About This Project


I mean to give thank you gifts or notes more often than I actually do. I end up just saying thanks, and wishing I had been organized enough to give a heart-felt gift. But last weekend I had a eureka moment!


I had a daycare interview I couldn’t bring my infant daughter on and my sister-in-law saved the day spur of the moment.


Instead of thinking, I’ll get her back later, I was able to send her a burrito token, and even put my daughter’s photo on the back saying thanks, all with the click of a button. She’s a college student and Chipotle is her favorite, more so than the Ramen she has at home.


It was so quick and easy. It made her day AND made me feel like I’m on top of it. I can’t wait to say thank you more often.